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We dynamise you to be your best self

Who are you?

A leader on the fast track, who wants to progress and influence more powerfully than the competition and take off to success. A business owner who wants to grow faster than the competition and take off. A trader looking for the edge for solid p/ls and longevity.

What are your challenges?

Do you have the mindset and skillset to ensure success? How can you grow? Grow fast enough to ensure take off? Grow sustainably to ensure a solid trajectory? Do you have crystal clarity and solid confidence?

Who are we?

With deep experience working with traders, business owners, C-Suiters and executives, deep coaching and psychological knowledge and experience, we can meaningfully join and powerfully propel your journey towards success.

What's the plan?

In our initial free call, as well as experiencing coaching in action, we will ensure that we come up a plan that's right for you and your ambitions. Then we will work together to ensure you build the inner belief and deep motivation as well as the skillsets to drive success. All at an investment in line with your budget and ambitions.


Don't panic! Driven people definitely have a good shot of coaching themselves to success, eventually. And ambitious people will get there whatever crises and pain life throws at them. Our coaching enables the truly driven to get to where you want to much faster and smoother than going it alone or with a less skilled coach.

Succeed with us!

We want you to succeed. In fact your success is our success. We will walk and run with you on your journey building so much crystal clarity, perpertual motivation, forceful momentum, powerful drive and unshakeable confidence that take off and soaring will feel absolutely certain.


Our Values

Integrity. Authenticity. Focus.


Our Mission

To empower impactful leaders to surge their businesses and inner lives forward to create massive outcomes for themselves and value for the world as we enter a new era.


Our Philosophy

The world is changing, for the better, and authentic resourceful leaders can create powerful outcomes that will drive the world forward while fulfilling their personal dreams.

About Us

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Our team at FinTeXec believes that confident, inspired, and innovative leadership is key to the success of any business. That's why we've spent the better part of a decade providing transformative leadership coaching. Our business philosophy is simple: truly exceptional leaders not only cultivate success, but do so with authenticity, brilliance, and compassion.

For seasoned professionals who seek to hone and perfect their leadership skills, FinTeXec fosters positive, sustainable, and innovative professional growth. Equipping leaders with a skillset proven to promote confidence, productivity, and passion in their employees, our coaching services benefit individuals and businesses both large and small.





Driven by a passion for transformation and positive change, FinTeXec is committed to providing coaching that is genuine, ethical, and collaborative. Without strong leadership, a business can only grow so much — which is why we believe that coaching effective leaders is the key to a bright future.

Promoting confident authenticity and improving integral soft skills, our track record is filled with successful leaders who not only lead effectively and increase profits, but believe with conviction in the strength of their own potential.

Whether you are striving for recognition, feel a stuck without financial freedom, or are seeking strategies to become a more authentic, impactful, and admired professional, FinTeXec is here to help you manifest your success.





Many of the greats — Bill Gates (co-founder, Microsoft) and Eric Shmidt (former CEO, Google), to name a few — believe in the power of insightful feedback and observation that coaching offers. Not to mention that behind every great athlete is a great coach — and in business, it is no different.

Our clients reach out to us for a number of reasons. Many are facing difficulty, from feeling constricted or limited in their role, to financial stagnation, and more. FinTeXec coaches believe that these issues are not faults of the individual, but challenges that can be overcome with the right tools. Maybe you feel stuck in the middle of the pack, and you want to advance to the front. By embracing your leadership potential you can make this a reality, without sacrificing your integrity.

Our team at FinTeXec knows how you feel — we've walked in those shoes. We know, even as seasoned professionals, how it feels to be overwhelmed by high-stress roles, and to crave peer respect, recognition, and career advancement.

More importantly, we know how to overcome these challenges, and want to help you become a more magnetic, authentic, and respected leader.Through our collaborative process, we review and plan your individual growth, goals, and objectives. From there we coach you through the process, offering accountability, support, and tough advice when necessary.


Inspiring positive and lasting change, FinTeXec coaching is a proven guide that unlocks respect, recognition, and trust in both colleagues and clients.





Your Coach


Ronal Shah, MBA

Senior Executive Coach

Prior to developing and launching FinTeXec as an owner and executive coach, Ronal lived and worked all across the globe—from the UK to Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States.

With a proven track record in growth-oriented, strategic, and innovative leadership, Ronal's experience as a CEO-equivalent and in corporate management and representation paved the way for FinTeXec.

In the last 5 years, Ronal has coached a multitude of leaders and founders — enabling and catalysing them to reach their full potential as business leaders and senior executives with clarity, confidence and impact.

Born in London, Ronal holds multiple accreditations from Cambridge University, the LSE and London Business School.



We've coached people from the following organisations






Fix My Mindset For Traders

Deal with panic, anxiety and stress. Keep driving forward at a powerful and relentless pace and in a way that is personally sustainable and actually massively enjoyable. Popular with elite traders. Done.


Executive Coaching for Finance

Executive Coaching to power forward with your career, develop tough resilience, clarity on your personal direction and remove any blockages and mental barriers to reach massive success.


Business Coaching for Finance and Tech

Business Coaching to clarify your direction, build your market for your ideal clients, scale up to build and sustainably handle massive growth and optimise your business for maximum efficiency.