12 Tips To Scale Your Startup

Scale and Impact

12 Tips for Scaling Your Startup

What does your business take from startup to big business? An attractive offer and a sufficient market are required. That is not enough, and if you want to be really unstoppable, the organization must be optimized for growth; the company needs to be scalable.

  • Unfortunately, many startups fail to get through the first few months and years. They fall short of funding, wrong strategy, small team, and poor timing, to name a few reasons.

  • Fortunately, at the same time, there are plenty of startups that are going so far that they want to scale up their business. If you are one of those who have a startup with growth potential, your business must be prepared to scaling up.

  • Scaling up your startup is different from the startup phase. The first steps are about developing your business plan, finding the right customers, financing the startup, etc., while the growth phase is about growing and, at the same time, ensuring that you can cope with more significant stress without losing your income or losing revenue and focus.

What is Scalability?

  • A system is scalable if it is designed to continue to deliver as the workload increases. The fact that a business model is scalable means that it can handle 10,000 customers as quickly as it previously could handle ten customers. In the business sense, scalability stands for a particular property of a business idea or a business model.

  • The crucial question is whether sales can be significantly increased in the respective business model without the need for significant investments - apart from the start investments, of course.

  • The scalability is impressive because, in this way, the margin can be increased with increasing sales. Because little or no capital is required for business growth with existing scalability, depreciation is also kept within limits.

  • These factors have a correspondingly positive impact on company profits. Typically, business models that have no physical capacity limits, for example, for production plants, are more scalable.

Ask Yourself If Your Business Is Really Scalable

  • Very first thing you should examine that if your business is scalable? Even though you have an exceptional product range that satisfies the requirements of the people, this service doesn't require being the grounds that would grow your business.

  • You would have to be honest with yourself as you examine what you provide and if you can upgrade your company with it. Unanticipated scaling is the apparent reason for failure in many businesses. After a lot of work and inventive ideas, the last thing you want is to grow too swiftly. If you would need a large number of resources, you shouldn't update your business fast.

Identify Your “Core”

  • Before moving our business to the next level, we need to know about our core product marketing channels and targeted audience. If the vision describes the future we are striving for, then our core values are the value base or platform on which we stand, and our work is based on. Core values and values are strong.

  • They deliver answers to questions such as "why do we go to work on a day off and work even though we are not getting paid?”. The company's core values describe a feeling and conviction that is common to the company and all its employees, something that everyone can relate to.

  • The core values and values guide and drive the company culture, the company's priorities and thereby create a framework within which decisions are made, and the employees act. The broader the scope of your core values, the more your business grows.

  • When determining core values, buyer's preference, the strength of your team, the spirit of the group, innovation, integrity, and credibility should be taken into account.

Automate or Outsource Everything You Can

  • Technological development means opportunities to improve efficiency by applying new solutions to old problems at lower costs. Digitization has revolutionized the opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to create scalable business models, which has made sharing and networking services like Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook growing exponentially in a short period.

  • The key is that they utilize network effects that make them more effective with more users. Companies do not need to invest in more assets, as they only mediate contacts and create opportunities for people to find each other.

  • Digitization and other new technologies mean opportunities to create sustainable growth in companies based on more traditional business models. When you develop scalability in your company, technology and outsourcing is your best friend, primarily if you work proactively to implement scalable processes.

  • Look around and identify what tasks you and your employees do daily and what you can get from the outside at a lower price. Then imagine that your company is ten times larger and see if you have the capacity to handle the workload for each specific task. Then you know where the technology can be implemented.

  • Don't be afraid to standardize processes through business systems, and it will free up time for creativity and development. Business models with high scalability are often very highly automated. Processes are optimized and standardized to ensure efficient and fast processing of the respective order.

Make Your Business Workable Without You

  • Your business process should be so simple and streamlined that if you disappear for a while, someone else can quickly come and manage it. Your process should be easily understood so that no one has trouble operating. You recruit people for some reason, so let them do their job. Every hired person in your business has a role.

  • When you give them the freedom to play their part, your team's motivation increases, but as you keep tending to them and restrict them down, their morale will eventually diminish, and their performance will decline. There is no more reliable method to see how the business runs without you than leaving it, to plan a holiday during which you are unavailable for 2 to 3 weeks.

  • When you come back to estimate wherever issues arose, and the disputed question remains. This bottleneck will explain to you how you can and should empower your staff.

Don’t Go Overboard in These Key Areas


  • Recruiting more people before you have the requirement can be as damaging as being understaffed. Ask the whole team whether they think they are at capacity, or there is a gap somewhere in the group, which a new skill needs set to fill.

  • Remember, you have to be smart during the scaling process. Don't recruit too many people. These take aside from your center competencies and leave inclined to attempting to scale other domains too quickly.


  • Don't waste your expenditures on things that are of little value. Review your capital and spend wisely on the essential requirements strategically. The more strategy you have, the more secure your extra expenses will be.


  • Once you've scaled your business based on your core products, don't rush to add relevant features and new products. First, you need to make sure you manage one mechanism well and then move on to the other.

Solve Your Customers’ Problems

  • Excellent customer service pays off! Have customer focus, and it's the customers who make your business go around. Be courteous and accommodating with customer contacts. Investing resources early on excellent customer service may be the answer to this.

  • Satisfied customers are the best advertising. Do not rush too quickly but test properly and carry on marketing only when you know that everything works from the web system and payment solution to deliver security and returns.

Become a Dominant at Selling To Your “Ideal Customer”

  • Many people will advise you to pay attention to the niche market, like real estate or healthcare, but I disagree. You should focus on the process rather than the industry. For example, we have recognized methods for products at various price points, and for one time, services versus monthly services.

  • Figure out a way and a checklist that works. Once you have a procedure for one business, you can relate it to others. Then you can upgrade because your Team is performing the same actions repeatedly, so they become an expert.

  • Think of it not only as a job to handle returns but as an opportunity for additional sales, feedback and to give customers good buying advice. Ask customers things all the time. Why are they buying from you? Why these products? If scalability is high, it makes sense to focus mainly on sales and marketing. Since there are no capacity limits, the goal should be to sell the goods and services offered as quickly and as rapidly as possible.

Surround Yourself with Others Who Have Done It

  • As the saying goes, every person is the sum of the five people they spend most of their time with. Most of the time you can't choose your colleagues at work - but you can do it in your free time. Those who spend their time with permanent complainers need not be surprised if the energy leaves them.

  • On the other hand, those who surround themselves with people who inspire them, who see life positively and are curious about new experiences, will gain momentum from these encounters for new goals and develop fresh ideas. Surround yourself with others who have already made it. They have already been there, made errors, and paid the price.

Create an Irresistible Company Culture

  • One aspect that is likely to deteriorate as numbers improve is the corporate culture. New employees must understand the vision for them to become independent and move in the right direction without any irresistibility. An example of a success story that went wrong when the culture slipped is Starbucks. The cafe chain originates from a small cozy cafe in Seattle.

  • The café had a unique feeling that it was initially managed to convey as the concept spread throughout the world. But after a while, when suddenly there was a Starbucks in every street corner and shopping mall, they got into trouble.

  • The feeling disappeared when the culture solely revolved around improving the result and not the quality of the experience. Those who worked did not strive to convey Starbuck's unique experience. Founder Howard Schultz talked about the dilution of Starbucks, which was about to cost the company everything.

Master Traffic and Sales

Select the top marketing strategies through which you can promote your business, get traffic and achieve your goals successfully. Set goals, create your plan, decide your traffic sources and launch your marketing strategies. With this technique, you will be able to catch more traffic, which will eventually upsurge your sales. To achieve all sales and traffic objectives, you need to be a master at the following five pillars:

  • SEO

  • Social networks

  • Content Marketing

  • Free and paid products

  • Pay per click and advertising

  • Email Marketing

I recommend you study and practice all these techniques, but do not obsess or believe that it is the only way to master traffic and sales.

Identify Your Focus

  • You can't do two things at the same time, well. It is almost impossible to motivate oneself to work on one thing when there is another that also requires attention. Especially maybe if one is yielding and the other most is uphill. To get rid of this confusion, you have to identify your focus.

  • It takes longer than you think and to succeed, and you have to be 100% committed. It is not enough to spend a few hours a week in addition to another job, but it is all or nothing that matters if you want to succeed.

Think Big

  • Your vision should be big enough to give your team an excitement in accomplishing business objectives. Visions create energy and stimulation; it gives you a goal to fight against when things are slow. Prepare how to solve various scenarios that may occur along the way.

  • Have a to-do list! In particular, it may concern how different investment and expansion decisions are to be made, Logistics solutions, accounting, purchasing, etc. But don't expect to be able to think through everything before you start, then you'll never get started.

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