7 Things Separating Your Mindset from
What You Need to Succeed

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7 Things Separating Your Mindset from What You Need to Succeed

The definition of success has a different meaning to every single one of us. While some may see it as a stable income, others see it as unimaginable wealth, or the freedom to go about their day as they please. Just as our vision of success differs, so often do our ideas of how to achieve it as well. What is success and what does it mean for you. When we think success, we often think money, security, a family and nice home. More often than not, we discuss the physical definitions for success and what others see. Very rarely do we focus on the idea of success as a mentality. The issue is many people put the factors of success before the mindset that is required to develop it. So, what is it that you need to succeed? Whether it is financial freedom, a dream job or an impact you want to have in the world, all of them require a mindset that empowers you. Understand that achieving success is first an internal process that later affects external factors, not the other way around. So what are some factors that prevent people from achieving their ideal level of success?

Ways Your Mindset May Differ from
What You Need to Succeed

1. You believe your mindset is immutable.

Stress and anger are some of the common contributors to strained Relationships and interactions. They are a major contributor to work burn-out and strained interactions with peers as well as supervisors. They deplete people, sapping their cognitive resources, and increase vigilance. This implies that when you`re stressed you`re more likely to notice negative behaviors and are not able to stop yourself from reacting to them. These emotions create a combined feeling of hopelessness and helplessness, which generate heightened sensitivities to all kinds of criticism, depression, defensiveness, and paranoia about job security. These emotions also cause jealousy and resentment towards colleagues who seem to have everything in the workplace under control, withdrawal, diminished self-esteem, and short-fuse tempers.

2. You believe you don’t have a hand in your success.

If you convince yourself that other people are successful due to luck, chances are you’ll never reach the level of success you desire. Sure, some people may have happened to run into the right people to help them get to where they are, but you must realize even the process of meeting those people requires energy and persistence. For one successful endeavor and individual may have had, we don’t see the sixty failures that came along with it. Successful people continuously expand their opportunity for success by not limiting their encounters and increasing their chances for impactful experiences. If a “successful person” is undeserving of the opportunity, it often is exposed at one point or another. The same thing applies to wealth and how people believe that wealthy people are lucky lottery winners or inherited it. Even if you have a lot of money, your wealth is defined by your ability to retain it. If your capacity for wealth is small, it doesn’t matter that you win the lottery. You will eventually see most of it go to waste and end up in debt. Being broke is a set of circumstances whereas being poor is a mentality. Having a wealthy mindset means that you are aware your circumstances are undesirable now, but understanding you have the necessary skills to bring you back to where you want to be. Believing you can’t change your fate means you’ve given up before the game has even started. If that’s the case, you’ll go through most life blaming your circumstances on external factors instead of developing the skills you need to be happy. Assume responsibility and shape your future the way you best see fit.

3. You stay in your comfort zone.

The comfort zone is where dreams go to die. If you find yourself surrounding yourself with too many likeminded people and the same generalized routine of circumstances, it’s time to switch it up. Growth is uncomfortable, but that’s the way it should be. If you put yourself in different environments and learn, that not only allows you to test your current beliefs and ideologies but gives you the opportunity to understand and connect with others as well. No growth occurs in places or around people you are comfortable with and can be a dangerous place to spend too much time in. Success entails making educated decisions, understanding the viewpoints of those around you and being able to relate to others. The beauty of life is being able to constantly challenge yourself and improve emotionally, physically and professionally. Once you stop growing, what is there to look forward to? Embrace new circumstances and embrace the fact that you can always reshape your mindset to bring you closer to your goals. Because whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right.

4. You focus on the negatives.

All of life is based around perception. Whether you perceive an obstacle as a hinderance or the opportunity to challenge yourself and grow is one of the determining factors in your success. What you focus on expands, so if you spend most of your time focusing on negatives, chances are you will come to see more negatives in all areas of your life. Our bodies are prone to focus on the negatives because it helped us survive and is prone to do so based on environmental factors. The problem however is what previously helped us survive in nature is now preventing us from thriving. In there lies the difference between intentional living and just getting by. Intentional living is purposeful, filled with opportunity and growth and brings you closer to success. The alternative is forcing yourself to get by and only looking forward to short term bursts of joy that breaks up the extended periods of disappointment. Focusing on the positives not only presents a more fulfilling life and helps project you forward. Energy draws energy and not only will you find yourself with more opportunity, and people that support your goals and have similar levels of ambition as well.

5. You prioritize short term gratification.

Our society has made instant gratification so prevalent, it has impacted every area of our lives. Same day delivery, games on our phones and food delivery applications have taught us to prioritize convenience and speed. It is for that reason so many people have difficulties seeing the value in things that are further down the road that require a time commitment. Short term gratification leads to spontaneous bursts of energy that make us feel good for a short while and is artificial and non-essential to our actual goals. Patience and resilience are two essential factors in achieving success. Remember that you invest in what you value, so often if you find yourself impulse spending and regretting it, you may either not believe in your vision or think that you are capable of it. Reflect on your aspirations and understand every time you invest in short term gratifications, it chips away at the important long-term goals you have for yourself.

6. You place too much value on the opinions of others.

Controlling how other people perceive you is a draining endeavor that will almost always prove useless. You need to accept you are responsible for what you do and how it affects your life. How other people understand and see that is on them. No matter what you do, there will always be someone that disapproves. Free yourself from the judgement and constraints that others have placed for you. Because if you let them, other people will dictate your life and leave you alone to deal with the regret. Placing too much value on the opinions of others boxes you in and prevents you from taking those opportunities that could have been life changing. Success entails taking risks and often these people who can’t see your vision will convince you to stay in your lane and do what’s expected of you. Respect the opinions of others, and don’t hold them in too high regard.

7. You lack confidence.

Your ideas have no impact if you lack the ability to communicate them well. The same goes for execution. If you have no faith in your abilities, how do you expect others to believe in them and help you bring your goals to fruition? Confidence is the cornerstone of any successful individual. They know their worth, understand their mission and are purposeful with their actions so that they may reach their goals. That’s not to say that successful people don’t have moments of doubt, and they also understand how to bounce back after getting derailed. Confidence is an exuberant personality trait supplemented by the faith in what you are currently doing will bring you success in the future. If you lack confidence, it may be time to take a step back and think about what you want to gain out of life. Is your long-term goal feasible and are you taking the right steps to get there? How purposeful is your time and do you value the time that you have? Without confidence, one who achieves success will never retain it or feel worthy because the people around them will consume every portion of it. Understand your worth and find the lasting impact you want to make.

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