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15 Tips for Starting Your Business Successfully

Starting a business can be a very rewarding endeavor, especially when you are passionate about delivering to your customers and about your product.

Evaluate the micro and macro environment of the company

  • Several factors influence the development of a business. These are generally factors coming from the company itself (internal factors such as communication and marketing strategies, staff, etc.) and factors coming from outside (external factors such as relationships with suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, etc.).

  • If your business is still at the same stage and not growing, start by questioning those factors that have a direct influence on your business. Be aware, however, that the internal environment must be assessed first, and in due form.

Some questions to ask yourself when evaluating your business

As mentioned above, when a company experiences critical periods, its leader must make an inventory. To do this, you can, for example, seek to have answers to various questions to detect what is wrong.

  • What are the weaknesses and strengths of my business?

  • What are the real strategies I am implementing to develop my business? Are they effective?

  • Do my products meet my customers' expectations in terms of innovation, quality, and cost?

  • What do my employees think about the management of the company?

  • Are my employees competent and dynamic?

  • How does my company rank in the face of competition?

  • Are my products and services unique?

  • What is the mission of the company, and what are its initial objectives?

  • Does my communication strategy reach a large number of prospects?

  • Are the company's initial objectives being achieved?

  • Are the relationships with partners evolving frequently?

  • Does the company's current financial situation hurt its development?

Ask yourself all possible questions, those whose answers could lead you to make a proper inventory. This assessment will allow you to identify the positive and negative elements of the business to put in place the right strategies that can effectively grow the business.

Set new SMART goals for the business

If at the end of the evaluation of your company you note that the pre-established objectives could not be reached and could not moreover be reached because of their magnitude, then you will be able to redirect them and set new SMART targets while always focusing on your mission. Setting SMART goals means that you need to define new basics and directions:

  • Simple to understand (by yourself as a leader and your employees) and to explain to your technical and financial partners;

  • Measurable (to quickly detect their level of achievement);

  • Acceptable (by you and your partners);

  • Realisable (given your immediate or external environment and available resources);

  • Timed (which may be obtainable over time)

Invest in the business

  • If you want to grow your business, try to invest enough funds in it. The tasks and actions to be carried out in the company cannot succeed if you do not allocate the necessary funding to them. Do you often wonder where to find the financing you need to run your business to facilitate business development? Otherwise, you have to.

  • Indeed, it is very easy to partner with a bank today to obtain financing and develop your business. There are many ways to get funding to grow your business. For example, you can opt for a bank loan from a banking establishment.
  • If you believe that short-term financial support (10 months maximum) would help you to strengthen your company's cash flow to carry out specific actions (actions that could contribute to the development of the business), then you can ask the bank short term bank credit.

  • If you are responsible for a construction company for example, and that for the realization of your works and the acquisition of your various equipment, you need to be accompanied by a bank for 2 to 7 years, then ask for credit instead in the medium term.

  • If the company does not have the excellent financial capacity and that taking into account your action plan, you need financing over a period exceeding seven years, individual banking institutions are competent to support and grant you long-term credit.

Strengthen the company's communication strategies

  • To grow your business, you must adopt a good communication strategy. It's imperative. If, for example, you had only passed the display strategy to publicize your services, consider turning to other communication channels such as the internet, flyers, direct advertisements at the point of sale, the press, the mouth word of mouth, etc.

  • This will require an investment, of course, but if you do it right and adopt the investment strategies outlined above, you will be able to do it very quickly.

Build staff capabilities

  • What generally makes the difference between a small business and a large business is the ability of the latter to respond effectively to all of its customers' expectations with proven know-how and skills. That is nothing other than the result of practical training received by the various players in the said company.

  • If you want your business to grow, regularly strengthen your capacities and those of your employees. You will acquire new knowledge in your field and discover new techniques and tips to run your activities efficiently.

  • If the company is understaffed, don't hesitate to hire them. You can contact an expert recruitment firm that will be able to select the competent people you need to grow your business.

Create a business website

  • There is no longer any need to demonstrate that the companies that develop well and have a better reputation are those that have significant visibility on the internet.

  • They have their websites on which they offer and publish their offers and products, which allow Internet users to know them, to discover and to request their services. If you want to reach this rank, you have to create a website for your company (whatever your field of intervention) by a competent webmaster.

No visibility, no scaling

  • The first step is to be visible online immediately. You can do this by optimizing your Google presence for local SEO and improving your social media. A social media presence and local SEO optimization are the basics you need to grow. Your potential customers won't take you seriously if you don't. With "Google My Business," you can optimize your local SEO. There are many features that you can use even to generate direct leads and sales from there.

  • Search engine optimization is a key to your long-term digital marketing led growth. To scale, you need to drive traffic to your website. SEO is the most efficient and cost-effective tool to scale your business. If you've done this well, you'll have a steady, growing stream of new visitors to your website and that's exactly what you need to scale. Once you have them there, you need to create ways to get their attention with valuable content. Make sure you are easy to get to and that your company has a lot of information that visitors can deal with and return to.

Expand your email lists to scale

  • Your website should also have email address collection technology. To make sales, you need to create an email list of people who are interested in you and know what you are doing but are not yet ready to buy. Many people never return to a website they visit because they forget. When you get their email address, you can stay in touch with a newsletter and make sure they don't forget you. We call this "staying in the mind of your potential customers." So when they need you, remember that you can help them.

  • Every time you launch a new product/service or special offer, subscribers on your email list will buy faster and more because the trust already exists.


  • Another point that is often overlooked in online marketing is relationships. Every person on your list, every website visitor, every prospect is human. Make sure you show that you care about them and speak to as many of them personally as possible. In the long run, the information they give you is precious for the growth of your marketing and your business. Maintain the relationship through social media. Here you can expand (scale) your audience, listen to inquiries and create market needs

Reputation management, reputation marketing

  • The revolution is over, and the consumer has won.

  • Nowadays, companies with inadequate services or products immediately get bad online reviews from customer reviews and are avoided by future buyers. People tend to rate faster when they are not happy than when they are not. It is essential to monitor the reviews you receive from your customers and to respond to any bad reviews immediately. To scale your business, your online reputation is critical. Keep them clean!

  • Paid advertising

    • Paid advertising is more expensive, but faster when it comes to getting results. It's a perfect tool to scale faster. Paid advertising refers to places where you pay to be visible, such as Google Adwords, ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.


    • All of the above are some of the fundamental basics you need to scale your business successfully. Now you want to monitor success well because any campaign is worthless without monitoring. In most cases where new customers come to us and ask for help because they have difficulty scaling their business, the main reason is the lack of monitoring. You need to know exactly what's going on so that you can scale.

    Now you can grow

    • Now that you have all the ingredients, surveillance can help you isolate what works and what doesn't. Stop what doesn't work, double or triple what works. Scaling is that easy. You should scale up carefully and monitor thoroughly. An investment often doubles the benefit, tripling the investment triples the benefit. However, a ten times higher investment can only bring five times more profits. You have to find the sweet spot. The key is to progressively scale and monitor.

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