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This is the golden age of entrepreneurship. Owing to the meteoric growth of tech and the internet, an endless supply of opportunity is unfurling itself in the free market. Every year, motivated entrepreneurs implement their vision to transform the world. Many fail. Some, however, succeed beyond all expectations, and change their lives- and the face of modern commerce- forever. Will you have the vision, the discipline, and the drive to pursue this? Will you arm yourself with whatever knowledge you need to succeed in becoming the next Uber, Revolut, AirBnB, or Robinhood?

FinTeXec Entrepeneurial Business Coaching

FinTeXec Business Coaching gives you the clarity and guidance you need to make your startup vision a reality. And, we instill the explosive, meteoric entrepreneurial mindset that launches you forward to ever greater heights. With a strong history in finance and tech coaching, we’ve built up a powerful clientele of successful, driven entrepreneurs. Owing in part to our seasoned guidance, these entrepreneurs have:

  • Built an entrepreneurial mindset that inspires unlimited motivation and determination, radiating an aura of confidence to those around them
  • Further developed leadership skills that earn high inspiration and loyalty from their employees
  • Transformed a formerly vague vision into a step-by-step, bulletproof, iron-clad business plan
  • Built a fully-fledged, revenue generating company from the ground up- in some cases, without significant startup
  • Strongly stabilized a rickety business foundation, allowing for stable scaling (did you know 90% of startup failures are due to improperly timed scaling?)
  • Successfully gotten past the ‘survival’ stage, and catapulted their companies to atmospheric heights
  • Created jobs, and bought about income that changes the lives of their employees
  • Accelerated their revenue generation, and flung open the floodgates to exponential growth and success for their company

It all begins with two things: you, and your idea.

Let’s start with you.

Give Yourself The Mindset Of Achievement

As the commander of your operation, you take center stage. You are the one that makes the most important decisions, carries all the responsibility, and- more than anyone else- you are singlehandedly responsible for whether you can bring this startup to explosive new heights.The power of one person to achieve great things can never be underestimated.

History has always shown that success is not about luck. Success comes from your ability- as a driven, entrepreneurial individual of magnitude- to change the lives of millions, through sheer grit, determination, confidence, and force of will.

From your own achievements and history in business, you already know that you have this ability inside yourself. You just need some guidance to unleash your full potential, maximize how you utilize the lessons and experiences you’ve already learned, and illuminate your course of action.

With the right entrepreneurial mindset, it becomes impossible to fail. All it takes is the right idea, and implementation.

Breathe Life And Fire Into Your Vision

Many successful startup companies begin on nothing more than a novel idea, hard work, and an immutable drive to achieve success.

Different startups find success in different ways:

  • Taking existing technology, and developing it with a higher level of accuracy, methodology, or convenience, making it easier for public use
  • Inventing a new way of helping people on a massive scale, and use a flexible combination of tech know-how and marketing genius to implement it for general use
  • Innovating a completely new technology or service, and using clever marketing to get it to be used by as many people as possible.

And, there are plenty of other, more specific, ways.

There are different ways to go about it, but the end result must always be the same; a new service or idea improves the lives of many, and your drive to make it reality. That’s what we help you achieve at FinTeXec Consulting.

Why Do You Need Entrepreneurial Business Coaching?

  • You Must Outperform Your Competition: Facebook was not the first social media site. Youtube was not the first video sharing site. Doordash was not the first food delivery app. Uber and Lyft were not the first rideshare apps. These companies did not succeed because they were the first to have these ideas- they succeeded because they did a superior job of turning these ideas into reality, and implementing them on a mass scale. You are not building your business in a vacuum. That’s what you must understand; it’s not enough to be great- you have to be greater than your competitors. That’s why we give you the edge by speeding up your decision making, bringing clarity and focus to your actions, and helping you avoid the common business pitfalls that your competitors may fall into.

  • You Must Use Your Precious Time Efficiently: If you want to pioneer your startup, and build it up to dizzying heights of success, you will likely need to put nearly all your waking hours into your work. Building a company that’s primed for rapid growth requires a huge amount of focused, concentrated work from you- the leader. With only 168 hours available for you each week, you need to know what to focus on, what to delegate, and what to simply pass over and leave for another time. With our guidance, you can be assured that the work you do is the exact work you need to do in order to get your startup up and running, as fast as possible- before a competitor overtakes you.

  • You Must Connect Your Vision With Real Life: Sometimes, an idea seems perfect in your head… But, you don’t know how to fully translate it into a profitable business plan. You need to do research, and gather hard facts, data, and a business plan that function- in a free market- to generate income. This is the number 1 hurdle that destroys startups in their infancy; a good idea is put into crude implementation, without building a solid business plan which takes into account necessary research on the market trends, local competitors, potential customer base, trade information, or other important factors. We help you get this time-consuming and tedious legwork done, quick and easy- so we can quickly move forward, and focus on using our practical findings to intelligently build your financial empire.

  • You Must Build A Mindset Of Success: Your mind will make or break you. An entrepreneurial mindset is something that doesn’t even turn off; it’s what gets you to wake up at 5am, with no alarm, excited for an 18 hour work day. It’s what gives you the confidence to dazzle your investors at the presentation, and secure the funding you need. It’s what gives you the aura of confidence that closes sales, makes deals, and inspires 100% effort from those around you. It’s a mindset where success and forward momentum are simply the only possibility- and that’s the mindset we help you to instill in yourself.

It’s Time To Stand Above The Crowd

Being an entrepreneur has become something of a buzzword. Many people will call themselves this, without the necessary skill set, guidance, and determination required to achieve success.

This cold, harsh reality is reflected in the free market. SmallBiz Trends reports an alarming 90% failure rate from startups. Financial startups have the lowest failure rate- even still, they fail at a considerably high rate of 42%.

I think you can do better than these myriad failed startups did.
I think you already know you can, too.
I think you have it in you to overcome those hurdles of being directionless, overwhelmed, and uncertain.

This is what will separate you from the thousands who fail.

Rise Up, And Achieve Greatness

Each day, thousands of businesses fail, and the dreams of amateur, indecisive, or inexperienced entrepreneurs, are shattered.
Will you be able to use your own experiences, ideas, and conviction to to rise up to this challenge?
Will you overcome the saturated markets, and build the explosive, trendsetting startup that changes the lives of you, your workers, and your family?
Will you join the privileged ranks of those few, proud titans of industry?

The first step towards achieving this is the simplest. Connect with us today to start powerfully growing your business with solid confidence and crystal clarity

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Ronal Shah, MBA

Senior Executive Coach

Ronal is fully dedicated to powering you forward to achieving your ambitious goals. Prior to coaching, Ronal was General Manager at a mid sized insurer and Head of Equity Derivatives at a large structuring desk. Born in London, he has lived and worked all over the world, including Japan, Netherlands and the US. He holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA Economics from Cambridge University.

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