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7 Reasons Why Top Corporate Leaders Have Leadership Coaches

Leadership is often the endgame of anyone’s career; taking all the knowledge you’ve accumulated and made your mark as a captain of industry. But the experience can only teach you so much. Even if you manage to rise to a position of authority, you’ll still be just as prone to mistakes as anybody else. But given the added responsibilities of a CEO, any mistakes on your end will be on a much more catastrophic scale. Mistakes that could erode your reputation and ability to progress.
Leadership coaching can offer you the mindset you need to become a top corporate leader. There are even some cases where the teachings of a good leadership coach are the only thing standing between you and an unrecoverable mistake. And history is full of them, with some CEOs even being personally forthcoming about professional blunders. But our leadership coaching program can safeguard you from human error and sharpen your skills as a corporate leader in a variety of ways. And these are some of the key reasons as to why you should use a leadership coach to ensure you stay at the top of the career ladder.

Why do You Need Leadership Coaching?

Build More Progressive Partnerships

No man is an island, and if you want to advance in your chosen industry, you’re going to need to forge strong professional relationships along the way. In some cases, you may need to work in partnership with outside agencies. Unfortunately, many business partnerships have failed in the past for a multitude of reasons, including poor communication, conflicting values, varying levels of input and hidden agendas. It is an increasingly difficult balancing act, with Susan Ward of the Balance Small Business writing that 70% of business partnerships fail. The worst-case scenario is that you could have a business partner primarily concerned with advancing their agenda with little regard for your own. Executive coaching can guide you on maintaining a healthy relationship with a business partner that ensures your vision doesn’t get lost in translation.

Problem Solving

As a leader, you’re going to run into all manner of trials and tribulations. For example, imagine you were an institutional trader and you suddenly became aware that a trade you were connected showed all signs of losing money. You wouldn’t have the luxury of being able to go away and think of an applicable solution, you’d have to have one ready on the spot, perhaps even considering the possibility you might need it beforehand. Even if you do manage to find the solution, you may be too overwhelmed by stress and anxiety to successfully implement it. Hypnotherapy can be a useful tool in this regard. Many occasions we have found ourselves scrambling for the perfect solution to a problem, only for it never to materialise in the heat of the moment, only appearing after the crisis has passed. Hypnotherapy delves into the subconscious and can aid you in keeping a clear mind that allows solutions to come much easier to you.

A Thorough Communication Model

A good business lives and dies by strong communication. As information works its way down the chain to the relevant department, it is alarmingly easy for it to get diluted, and chances are, there will have been at least one occasion in your career where you are unable to progress even further with a task because of unclear communication. The communication model is not just the issue in itself, but the consequences that result from it. A study titled ‘Communication barriers in the modern workplace’ released by the Economist Intelligence Unit revealed that poor communication leads to a failure to deliver projects (44%), low morale (31%) and increased stress (18%), each setback another nail in the coffin. And in the world of business, there’s no shortage of nails. Leadership coaches will be familiar with infrastructures of varying sizes and the communication platforms that are best suited to each one. If you’re suddenly overseeing a much wider scale of your industry, you need executive coaching to help you tailor your approach.

Increased Productivity and Results for the Company

As a leader, you’re not just responsible for the company, but for the people who work in it. And if you’ve never had the experience of managing a team of people, you will struggle. You have a responsibility to present a certain image to them, find a leadership style that suits them. CV-Library revealed that 82.2% of Brits had a bad leader, which notable bad traits including poor people skills (60.2%), poor communication skills (36.7%) and an unprofessional demeanour (32.6%). Your business will suffer heavy consequences for poor leadership including an increasing employee turnover, decreased productivity, which contribute to financial losses. You can’t run a business with a disengaged workforce. Astoundingly, a survey by CareerBuilder.com revealed that 58% of managers hadn’t received management training. Executive coaching teaches you how to engage with employees, encourage them to take pride in their work and ensure a fruitful collaboration that will benefit the company.

Maintain a Healthier Mindset

Many of us spend much of our early careers trying to attain that work/life balance, making sure we’re in a position to give our best without premature burnout. Stepping into a leadership position is like stepping into another world and you can find yourself struggling to make sense of it all. The international health insurer, Bupa Global, revealed that 64% of business leaders have suffered from mental health issues. And the added responsibility of managing an entire organisation will make it any easier. And support for anxiety and panic attacks isn’t always readily available. If you rely on inadequate coping strategies, you’ll be heading for a premature burnout. You need to be able to look after yourself before you can look after your company. Leadership coaching is about professional and personal guidance. You will find many leadership coaches have gone through the same trials you will face, making them best equipped to support you on your journey.

Impactful Brand Delivery

A company lives and dies by its brand, more specifically its relationship with consumers. If you’re not in touch with the needs of your consumers, the business will inevitably flounder. A survey carried out by Marketingsignals.com revealed that 35% of e-commerce start-ups fail because there is no market for their services, and 37% putting their struggles down to poor online marketing. Even if you have an innovative idea, it will never be more than an idea if you can’t find a strong marketing conduit with an audience. Business coaching can give you guidance on how applicable your vision might be in the industry of today, what works best with demographics and blunders that are to be avoided. Business coaching gives you a more rounded idea of what your business could and should be.

Financial Guidance

If you’re going to lead your company, you will require a thorough financial awareness. You’ll be responsible for ensuring all the staff are paid, the lease on the facilities, equipment for hire, tax, and so many more issues that may not have even occurred to you by the time you take your place as leader. Cash flow, in particular, can be a major concern. The Office of National Statistics reported that cashflow is responsible for up to 90% of business failures. If your company experiences poor cash flow, you are unable to pay the staff, you fall behind on your obligations to your contract etc. A good leadership coach programme will come with a built-in awareness of financial obligations. Leadership coaches may have once found themselves facing similar tribulations.

What our London Based
Leadership Coaching Programme Does For You

Our executive coaching offers aspiring leaders both a wide look at the industry they wish to prosper in while offering you an expansive viewpoint into yourself. Who you want to be as a leader, what you could be, and any difficulties you may face along the way.

Guidance for management isn’t always readily available. And the last thing you need is to ascend to a position without being fully aware of the pitfalls along the way. Our team has worked in the business for years, rising through the ranks, gaining a good grasp of the qualities a corporate leader needs not only to survive but to make their business stand out among the masses. Sometimes people don’t always know what they want from a business. A leader is the beating heart of any company. We will uncover the best ways for you to make your mark on the world.

Our master hypnotist and certified business coach Ronal Shah can take an introspective glimpse into your mindset, rooting out any feeling of anxiety and unease that could end up holding you back at a later point. Ronal can then use his techniques to build stronger mental barriers and effective coping mechanisms so that should you find yourself in a precarious situation, you will have the means to overcome it and find a solution.

So many business leaders have made mistakes over the years, some causing a minor inconvenience, others bringing about the ruin of a company. But through a combination of our empathic practices, an extensive study of your wants and needs, we can use them to help you construct a vision that will not fall prey to these mistakes and see that vision come to life with an added clarity and stability that is difficult to find.

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