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Fix My Trading Mindset

Unlock the Infallible Mindset of an Elite Trader

Institutional trading is an exhilarating, lucrative field of work- and, it’s unique in the sense that it’s completely psychological. Even once you learn to trade, you have the heavy job of learning to confidently make quick, correct decisions under extreme pressure. These decisions must lead to a long-term track record of winning trades- and this can only happen when the trader is able to perform without ever being hindered by anxiety. Long-term success in trading only comes with honest self-assessment, and flawlessly level-headed trading decisions. Whether you’re in hedge fund trading, bank trading, dealing, market making, crypto, forex, equity, fixed income, commodities, derivatives, or anything else… Mindset rules all.


Most Traders Fail, But a Select Few Prosper


Anxiety and herd mentality- should you fall into them- will lead you into a downward spiral of losing trades. Whether you favor quantitative or intuition-based trading, you simply need to have an iron mind that never yields to emotional disruption.


Without this unshakable mindset… 


You will meet the same fate as thousands of other traders who succumb to panic attacks, mental breakdowns, and develop nervous disorders that threaten their entire career, and their status as a trader amongst their peers. 


The sheer stress of seeing that PnL turn to red can be enough to wreck a skilled trader’s mindset, especially if the pot is big enough, and the client important enough.


The worst part about these mental breakdowns is that they tend to happen at the worst possible moments- where the stakes are highest, and you- as a trader- absolutely need to be at your more clear-headed, and laser-focused.


When most traders are faced with a small string of losing trades, they crumble to the pressure, overestimating the damage, and emotionally wounding themself.


...Or, worse- they try to get back their minor losses with one big bet. This is the number one single decision that destroys the career of weak-willed traders.


If you want to avoid this fate, you simply have 2 options: you can either hope you get lucky, forever, or you can invest in yourself, and develop an infallible elite trader mindset that never gets bent or broken down by pressure.


Build A Trading Mindset Of Pure Iron


The best traders do not get results with wild guesses, or pure luck. They have the ability to consistently avoid big losses, and make short-term trading decisions that compound into long term growth.


With licensed hypnotherapy, you can achieve the unbreakable mind of these elite traders, who never succumb to pressure or stress.


When an amateur trader smashes their own mental barriers, and unlocks the trading mindset of an elite trader, the difference is night and day. They feature and experience:


  • Emotional imperviousness to the pressure of losing multiple trades
  • Consistent ability to make winning decisions in a short time window
  • Adamant ability to disconnect from emotions, and make trades rationally, according to their own trading strategy
  • Immunity to the whirlpool effects of market panic and herd mentality
  • Perfect ability to manage obstructive emotions like fear, and anger
  • Smashed and long-gone feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’, and a clear portrayal to the world- and to themselves- that they are truly an elite level trader
  • Hardened guts, with a stolid ability to feel calm and secure, even when a massive pot is at serious risk
  • Prestige and adulation amongst peers; many are envious, stunned, and hungry to learn their ‘secrets’
  • A life of financial freedom, location independence, and endless career opportunities


It’s not magic- every single thing on this list is purely in your mind. 


If they can achieve a trading mindset that never falters or crumbles, you can, too.


When you learn how to trade, and you develop an elite trading mindset, you will always have the ability to overcome emotional pressure, and drive yourself forward in your trading career.


With hypnotherapy and trade coaching, we can make this happen.


When You Learn to Trade, You Must Build A Mindset For Success


As you advance in your career as a trader, the stakes only get higher- even though you learn to trade more and more effectively, your mental pressure will only build. Eventually, if you don’t conquer this pressure, it will get heavy enough to crack you.


In this program, you will be taken through a series of exercises and hypnotherapy sessions that block out the negative thoughts and indecisiveness that kill opportunities, and hold you back.


At the same time- you will learn how to trade with speed, and momentum.


  1. We will smash your analysis paralysis


It’s healthy and appropriate for you, as a trader, to analyze different metrics before placing your trade. Whether that’s done in the form of technical analysis, fundamental or relative value analysis, or relying on information from research groups and peers… You need this data to improve your odds of building that pot up with each trade. However, the fear of seeing your PnL turn red can always cause you to be indecisive, delay, and miss crucial opportunities, when getting ready to place the trade. We will smash down those mental barriers of indecision and over hesitation, so you can quickly make trades- without being hasty, or sacrificing your necessary due diligence.


  1. You will accept the random nature of the financial markets


No matter what you trade, it is simply inevitable that some trades will be a loss. When this happens, you can’t let it ‘get to you’- or you will be lost. It’s intimidating to imagine losing all those assets, and having that permanent loss marked in your trading portfolio… However, if this does happen, you need to simply accept it, learn from it, and move on to new trades. No one can guarantee that you win every single trade- but, we can equip you with the mindset to make sure that a single loss never needs to spiral out of control into a string of losses.


  1. You will learn how to analyze, and learn from, your equity curve


For most traders, it’s tempting to simply examine winning and losing trades. However, elite traders understand that it is more important to review their equity curve, instead of individual trades. Your trading curve- once you can learn to analyze it and gleam its secrets- will allow you to have a deeper understanding of your performance, and learn new ways to make better trades. 


Ready to Build the Mindset and Skills of a Master Trader?


Winning as a trader is not down to dumb luck, nor is there a magical formula that guarantees you win every trade.


It’s all about having a mind capable of thinking quickly, and clearly, even under extreme pressure.


If you’ve already read this far, you already know what you want. You want an iron mind that always makes the best choices, and never cracks or crumbles.


Do you think it’s time for you to rise above the crowd, and ascend to the prestigious status of elite level trader?


It’s time to get started. 


Ready To Build An Elite Trading Mindset?


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Fix My Trading Mindset

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Ronal Shah, MBA

Senior Executive Coach

Ronal is fully dedicated to powering you forward to achieving your ambitious goals. Prior to coaching, Ronal was General Manager at a mid sized insurer and Head of Equity Derivatives at a large structuring desk. Born in London, he has lived and worked all over the world, including Japan, Netherlands and the US. He holds an MBA from London Business School and a BA Economics from Cambridge University.

Fix My Trading Mindset


Start Leveraging Yourself Now
Fix My Trading Mindset


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Fix My Trading Mindset



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