Transformational Leadership

Leadership NLP Practitioner Certification

Transform My Leadership

Super-Charge Your
Leadership Brain

This intensive virtual live NLP Practitioner course will allow you to super charge your mind power, take your influence to the next level and remove unwanted feelings and behaviours. Possibly the most powerful and empowering course you will ever take.

5 Days Full Time Daytime (UK) Course.

Attendance is FREE for the first 2 days. The full course is 5 days and includes Certification and is available for an investment.


Why Take This Course?

Do you want to take your LEADERSHIP to the NEXT level – improving your influence, your personal power and resilience, your clarity and super boost your energy?

Do you want to learn the techniques that gurus such as Tony Robbins uses, including the say 'Yes' process or destroying limiting beliefs?

Do you want to have the ability to put yourself into a great mood WHENEVER you want?

Do you want to have tools that allow to remove unwanted habits forever?

Do you want to feel better about yourself?

Do you want to take charge of your life? Of your emotions?

Do you want to have more ethical influence on those around you?

NLP teaches you about the technology of the mind and the code to unlock it's power.


What Is In This Course?


Leadership Personal Power: Resilience, Authenticity, Energy, Control Over Your Mind and Emotions


The NLP presuppositions: How to have Mindset that allows the universe to give you your leadership intentions

The Unconscious mind: Get to know your unconscious and how to best unlock it’s power

Well formed outcomes: A method to identify and pursue well-formed and congruent outcomes



* Learn how to use your brain’s programming language

* Discover how someone internally structures their beliefs and how to change them

* Use submodalities to quickly change unwanted feelings and behaviours

* Use the SWISH pattern to rapidly break unwanted habits


Anchoring: How we can induce states through external and internal stimuli

* Use resource anchors to strengthen your personal resources and your ability to access them whenever you want

* Collapse anchors to remove the bad feelings from past experiences

* Create powerful chains of resources to get people out of “stuck” states like procrastination or confusion


Parts Integration: an extraordinarily powerful advanced technique to resolve your inner (and even outer) conflicts


Time Line: an advanced technique to destroy limiting beliefs, forever, releasing huge amounts of energy to allow you to push forward on your biggest goals



Leadership Skills: Influence and Organisational Drive


Rapport: How to bond with anyone in minutes

* Sensory acuity: How to read others by observing minute sensory shifts

* Representation systems: How people build their internal maps

* Eye patterns: How to read the representations people are accessing moment to moment


Strategies: Internal processes that drive complex behaviours. How different people make decisions, get motivated and perform any behaviour.

* Modelling strategies: Install new powerful strategies for any new behaviour an individual or organisation wants to adopt


Powerful Use of Language

* Linguistic presuppositions: Learn to influence using elegant language structures. Be able to read people’s internal maps based on the presuppositions in their language

* Milton Model: Maintain rapport and elegantly influence by using hypnotic language patterns

* Meta Model: Get to the heart of distortions, generalisations, and deletions in language

* Agreement frame: Maintain agreement even when you have opposing perspective

* Metaphor: Use metaphor and deliver powerful messages to the unconscious mind

Reframing: elegantly create new meanings for problems and objections


Other Applications of NLP: In Sales, Negotiations and Relationships



How will I learn Leadership NLP?


The course will be a combination of lectures and, more importantly, activities to install and internalise the key techniques.

This is not a course which you will go away having only one or two key takeaways. This will put all the learnings into your mind, into your muscles so you have actionable skills which you can IMMEDIATELY use in your leadership situation.


You are welcome to attend the first two days of the course for FREE.


For accredited NLP Practitioner certification, which you can use to set up your own profitable coaching practice there are further requirements:

  1. Attend ALL the classes
  2. Home assignment
  3. Test session
  4. Investment of £1500 for accredited NLP Practitioner certification, accredited by the ABNLP

The Benefits of NLP Practitioner Certification

1. Reskill and Turn your Experience Into Value. Become a Leadership Consultant - Use the skills you learn to become a world class coach , transforming those around you. By having your skills verified and certified by the ABNLP, you will not only be a credible coach, but you will be able to prove to the ICF, LifeCoachDirectory and more that you are actually qualified to do what you are passionate for.

2. A 1-1 personal coaching session with your trainer, a high end coach well respected in the industry.

3. Take your Personal transformation to the next level with attendance at the breakthough life transformation weekend.

4. Gateway to Master Practitioner. If you decide to take your skills to the next level, either with us or elsewhere, you will need to be certified at Practitioner level.

Ready for the Full Course?

NLP Leadership Certification
Deep Value Investment of £1500